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In today's time good service is hard to find. I'm in the air conditioning business and constantly hear customers complain about the horrible service they receive from someone. I was worried about this exact issue when it came time for me to find a divorce attorney. I'm a man that was caught off guard when my wife of 17 years up and left me and my son without a warning. She took our daughter as well. So you can imagine how important it was to get counsel as soon as possible. I also needed to get my daughter back and take the right steps to get custody. I was extremely pleased from the first meeting with Ms. Bogdanowicz she has been a God send. She has been on top of every aspect of my case from the start. I have the cards stacked against me being a male fighting for custody on the state of Texas. I have been impressed with the advice and strategy Ms Bogdanowicz has given. I am pleased to say that I was able to get my daughter back within two weeks of my wife leaving. I have primary custody and have won every aspect of my case thus far. Ms. Bogdanowicz has been an exceptional attorney and has made me feel that I’m her only client. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an attorney. I would hate to think where I or my kids would be if I received subpar counsel. Luckily I don't have to because Ms. Bogdanowicz has made sure that my kids and I are exactly where we need to be. My case looks good and my future with my kids does as well. Thanks you Ms. Bogdanowicz for investing your time and effort to make sure that my kids future and mine is bright and happy.

— S.G., Dallas County

Real Estate Litigation

Texas Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

As evidenced by the increasing amount of real estate litigation taking place in courtrooms throughout Texas and across the nation as a whole — real estate transactions can expose individuals, businesses, commercial landlords, builders, developers, lenders, title insurers and others to significant risks.

If you are engaged in a real estate-related dispute or are facing the prospect of litigation in the State of Texas, or if your business is, consider contacting a Plano or Frisco real estate litigation attorney at Albin Roach.

Albin Roach is a full-service law firm handling real estate litigation in Texas and federal courts — trial and appellate — statewide on behalf of both individual clients and businesses of all types. We approach every dispute on its own terms and we tailor our litigation strategies to meet the unique needs and goals of each particular client. Our ultimate goal is always to resolve the matter as quickly and cost-effectively as possible while protecting the rights of those we represent.

Our Practice

Lawyers at our firm have extensive experience with the issues that typically surround real estate litigation.
We provide representation for lenders in foreclosure actions related to mortgage and home equity loans. We represent individual homebuyers in breach of contract claims, construction defects litigation, boundary disputes and matters involving condominiums or homeowners’ associations. We handle land ownership disputes involving heirs, joint tenants, tenants-in-common and both partition-in-kind actions, receiverships, and court-ordered sales of real property. We represent commercial landlords in lease disputes and assist them in evicting tenants after foreclosure proceedings have taken place.

We also handle a variety of issues related to the building, construction and development of real property in Frisco and Plano. These matters include land use and zoning disputes, conservation easements, mechanic’s and material man’s liens, public works liens and surety disputes.