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I can honestly recommend Erin as THE lawyer to work with. I have worked with attorneys in several areas of law, from corporate to malpractice to family, and I can honestly say Erin is the smartest, the most organized, the most sympathetic and the most aggressive attorney I have ever met. She is extremely easy to talk with, is willing to answer the dumbest of questions with patience and yet is a bulldog in the courtroom. My husband’s custody battle was difficult with an ex that was unreasonable and used the court system to her advantage. Up until we hired Erin, we had spent thousands of dollars and years being taken to court for frivolous reasons with no end to the ridiculousness in sight. Erin was able to, within 18 months, end it. Rather than telling us “how it is”, she listened to what happened previously, the strategies that had been used against us, how the law worked for or against us and what strategy she would recommend. In the most difficult court room, in a court known to favor moms, Erin managed to not only encourage the court to see what was going on, she managed to persuade the court to grant all my husband’s request.

— S.P., Tarrant County

Construction Litigation

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Texas Construction Litigation Attorneys

Construction disputes are to business litigation what drunk driving charges are to criminal defense: very common. At Albin Roach, we represent clients in construction litigation in both state and federal trial and appellate courts throughout Texas.

Many firms litigate in construction matters… but we believe our practice stands apart in terms of the aggressive and proactive approach we take. Albin Roach steadfastly refuses to apply pat legal answers to unique concerns and problems, and we have proven our ability to achieve fast, cost-effective resolutions.

The best measure of our value can be seen in the number of new referrals we consistently receive from current and former clients.

The bottom line: We do not sacrifice our clients’ needs to achieve our own predetermined goals. We do not cut corners. We stay focused on solutions. Each Frisco and Plano construction litigation attorney at our firm has the experience and local knowledge needed to achieve timely, cost-effective results.

Our Practice

Our experience with construction litigation is extensive and has given us occasion to represent parties on all sides of these disputes, including individuals, businesses, general contractors, subcontractors, developers, lenders, bond companies and more. This, in turn, has given our lawyers a deeper perspective on the complex interrelationships and issues involved, and an improved ability to achieve results.

Our practice itself involves a wide range of issues. These include breach of contract claims, construction delay claims, Residential Construction Liability Act (RCLA) claims, tort claims, bond claims and surety disputes, land use and zoning disputes, mechanic’s liens and material man’s liens as well.