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Here for you, here to help.


Erin is representing me in a divorce action and has been very helpful throughout the process that is ongoing at this point. She typically returns phone calls immediately and is direct and to the point. I would consider her a true, no nonsense attorney, who does care for her clients from my experience thus far.

— M.C., Denton County

Commercial/Business Litigation

A Full-Service Business Law Firm

Access to sound legal advice is no longer a luxury reserved for large corporations. It is a necessity for all businesses, large and small. In today’s complex society, access to proactive, knowledgeable legal advice can literally mean the difference between success and failure — regardless of where your business is in terms of its development.

In North and Central Texas, Albin Roach can provide the personalized guidance and legal services required for success in today’s business marketplace. We focus on developing a comprehensive understanding your business goals and objectives first, rather than on simply providing a ready-made list of boilerplate legal answers. We then tailor the scope of our services to fit your company’s legal needs and financial strategies.
This method has proven very effective because it allows our Plano and Frisco business litigation lawyers to form meaningful relationships with clients; relationships based on trust and real understanding. And while this does take an extra measure of dedication, the end results are well worth it in terms of it enhancing our ability to provide appropriate legal solutions for almost any type of business law need. This is the “value-added” professional service we strive to provide to our clients every day.

Our Practice

Albin Roach is a full-service business law firm capable of meeting almost any type of legal challenge. Our attorneys help clients with the formation of new businesses, with dissolving or selling their companies and with virtually everything in between, including maintaining compliance with corporate governance requirements, negotiating and drafting business contracts and agreements, engaging in commercial transactions, managing employee and customer relationships, and resolving disputes through mediation, arbitration and the courts.

On a final note, the fact that our lawyers spend so much time in the courtroom is something that actually helps keep many of our business and corporate clients out of court. Simply put, we know where the “potholes” are with regard to contracts, transactions and business relationships of all types and — more importantly — know how to steer our clients clear of them.