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IPR is fortunate to count Albin Roach among its legal partners. Todd Albin is responsive and his advice is direct and timely.   Having successfully defended our company in three different matters, Todd clearly knows his way around the court room with excellent commercial litigation skills. Highly recommended.”

— Andrew Galbreath, General Counsel for IPR Group of Companies


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Frisco and Plano Litigation Lawyers

Experienced Trial Attorneys in Plano and Frisco

Albin Roach is a litigation law firm in the North Texas communities of Plano and Frisco. Our attorneys have the determination and experience to develop innovative solutions to challenging problems.

Commercial and Business Litigation

After analyzing your case, we determine the most cost-effective, efficient manner of resolving your dispute. We are always mindful of the costs involved in following a certain path compared to the advantages. For example, with your financial and time benefits in mind, we consider whether mediation is a viable option to resolve your particular situation at the beginning versus the end of the process. Rather than taking the typical or standard litigation path that is often paint by numbers and expected, we instead consider the tools at our disposal and use each at the most opportune time as it relates to your specific scenario to get the most benefit.

Whether it’s deposing a key principal from the opposition early in the case and perhaps even prior to litigation in order to leverage resolution or mediating prior to any discovery costs being incurred, we organize the process around the goal. The key for us is understanding your goal from the beginning and then with your trust, helping you obtain the same by using litigation and its tools as a method. Our Frisco and Plano litigation lawyers know it is best in almost all cases for our clients to avoid litigation due to the cost incurred and the lack of control over the result and that is available to our clients from other options. However, when it is necessary as a last resort, we are extremely experienced and have established a reputation as a firm that will pursue and prosecute our client’s case fairly but aggressively.

In addition, we urge our clients to get our legal team involved early on in the process. The sooner we can take action, the better we are able to reach the most equitable outcome. If we handle your transactions, we constantly consider risk management and litigation avoidance tactics. For instance, we include contract clauses that protect your company from disputes and provide remedies if conflicts occur. Even if you do not have those protections in place, early litigation intervention opens doors that might not otherwise exist. We may be able to negotiate an appropriate solution that saves you the time and expense of a lengthy trial. We can also take steps to protect important evidence at the early stages of your case.

Contract Disputes

The contract is the backbone of your business deal. A strong contract protects your interests and helps you avoid disputes with the other party. However, even the most well-drafted agreement cannot always prevent problems. Our lawyers take decisive action when you face such challenging issues as:

  • Fraud
  • Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Nonperformance
  • Nonpayment
  • Voidable agreements
  • Unenforceable clauses

Construction Litigation

Albin Roach has built a reputation for developing creative solutions to construction disagreements. Our Plano construction litigation attorneys act preemptively when conducting transactions for developers, contractors, subcontractors, materials vendors and building professionals. When disputes arise, we take decisive steps to rectify the problem as equitably and efficiently as possible.

We can assist your construction company with such important legal matters as:

  • Contract drafting
  • Contract dispute resolution
  • Collections on judgments
  • Liens and bonds claims
  • Releases
  • Surety issues
  • Construction defects
  • Pools, foundations and roof defects
  • Contractor and subcontractor issues
  • Builder and foundation warranties

Real Estate Litigation

Tenants are obligated to pay rent and to respect the property. Conversely, landlords have a duty to maintain the property and allow the tenant her or his rightful enjoyment of the property. When a landlord or tenant violates the lease or law, the other party can take action in court.

Real Estate transactions are unpredictable. The issues that arise can range from typical, repetitive issues that have well developed and tested solutions to unique problems that take untested and creative solutions from an attorney willing and experienced enough to understand the issue and be able to think outside the box. We use our experience to craft solutions to some of the most unique scenarios every day. However, if the parties cannot solve the problem or at the time we are contacted the problem has already resulted in litigation, we can guide our client through the litigation process in a cost effective, well designed plan to accomplish the client’s goal.

Our Plano and Frisco real estate litigation attorneys strategize solutions that protect your personal interests in the case of a residential lease and your business investment in the case of a commercial leasehold agreement.


The court authorizes the collection of damages via an order of the court, typically through a judgment or a lien. However, you still must be proactive about collecting on the judgment. Our attorneys help you use every method allowed under law to collect on your damages. Sometimes our demand for payment is enough. If appropriate, we also might file liens on property, place holds on banking accounts and garnish wages where the law specifically authorizes and allows for such a remedy. The key is to know and have all the tools like we do so that the right ones are chosen for that particular job with consideration given to the cost to the client and the amount to be collected.

Insurance Coverage and Litigation

Insurance coverage can be complex. What is covered and for how much may not be clear under the terms of the contract. In addition, insurance companies may attempt to unjustly delay or withhold payments or deny your claim altogether. Our attorneys seek your rightful compensation. If necessary, our team advocates on your behalf in cases involving bad faith, noncompliance with governmental regulations and breach of contract.

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