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I can honestly recommend Erin as THE lawyer to work with. I have worked with attorneys in several areas of law, from corporate to malpractice to family, and I can honestly say Erin is the smartest, the most organized, the most sympathetic and the most aggressive attorney I have ever met. She is extremely easy to talk with, is willing to answer the dumbest of questions with patience and yet is a bulldog in the courtroom. My husband’s custody battle was difficult with an ex that was unreasonable and used the court system to her advantage. Up until we hired Erin, we had spent thousands of dollars and years being taken to court for frivolous reasons with no end to the ridiculousness in sight. Erin was able to, within 18 months, end it. Rather than telling us “how it is”, she listened to what happened previously, the strategies that had been used against us, how the law worked for or against us and what strategy she would recommend. In the most difficult court room, in a court known to favor moms, Erin managed to not only encourage the court to see what was going on, she managed to persuade the court to grant all my husband’s request.

— S.P., Tarrant County

Modifications and Enforcements

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Modification and Enforcement of Divorce Orders and Agreements

When divorce orders and agreements are finalized, they are based upon facts and circumstances that exist at that time. Because life often brings significant changes and because the divorce process itself can result in hurt feelings, anger or vindictiveness, it is frequently necessary for people to modify or seek to enforce the agreed-upon terms of their divorce after the fact.

Attorneys at Albin Roach help clients in Collin County, Denton County, Dallas County, and throughout North Texas to obtain custody, visitation and support modifications, to prevent such modifications, to take appropriate enforcement actions when circumstances warrant, and to defend themselves against enforcement actions as well.

The Issues

With modifications, the primary legal issue deals with whether or not there has been a substantial or material change in circumstances. Common examples of what “substantial” means to the courts include increased parental conflict and alienation, major illness, unemployment, significant increases or decreases in income, remarriage and custodial parent relocation.

Of these, custodial parent relocation is one of the issues that most often ends up in court. The general rule is that the primary residential parent can relocate anywhere within the county where the divorce took place or within any contiguous county. However, because “move-away” or “relocation” cases are typically decided on the basis of local rules and judicial preferences, our experience and familiarity with the courts of Collin County, Denton County, and courts throughout North Texas becomes especially valuable.

Another “hot-button” issue is parental alienation. Mothers and fathers often bear emotional scars from a hotly contested divorce, and those wounds can impair their ability to effectively co-parent their children. Whether the primary cause is anger, fear, or selfishness, or some other factor, when one parent begins to intentionally undermine the child’s relationship with the other parent, the damage to the child can be life-long. Albin Roach takes cases of parental alienation very seriously. And while we frequently refer clients to one or more independent, highly-qualified professionals who stand ready to assist parents willing to recognize the underlying causes of damage to the children and who want to work cooperatively to stop the harm to the children, our firm also aggressively represents parents and children inside and outside of the courtroom to protect them from the devastating effects of parental alienation.

In enforcement matters, the legal issues center the reasons on why the court’s orders were not honored, whether a modification is warranted, and the extent of the harm, caused by the failure to abide by those orders or agreements.

The attorneys of Albin Roach believe that court orders should be followed and, when intentionally violated, they should be enforced — the violator punished. However, when orders become inappropriate or unworkable because of changing circumstances, we have and will zealously defend the rights of the accused.

Attorney and Contact Information

Our team includes family law advocate, Laura Roach, who has been recognized in Plano Profile magazine as Best Plano Attorney in 2013 and was named as a Thomson Reuters Texas Super Lawyer in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Our team of professionals also includes Associate Jennifer Grinke.

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