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I can honestly recommend Erin as THE lawyer to work with. I have worked with attorneys in several areas of law, from corporate to malpractice to family, and I can honestly say Erin is the smartest, the most organized, the most sympathetic and the most aggressive attorney I have ever met. She is extremely easy to talk with, is willing to answer the dumbest of questions with patience and yet is a bulldog in the courtroom. My husband’s custody battle was difficult with an ex that was unreasonable and used the court system to her advantage. Up until we hired Erin, we had spent thousands of dollars and years being taken to court for frivolous reasons with no end to the ridiculousness in sight. Erin was able to, within 18 months, end it. Rather than telling us “how it is”, she listened to what happened previously, the strategies that had been used against us, how the law worked for or against us and what strategy she would recommend. In the most difficult court room, in a court known to favor moms, Erin managed to not only encourage the court to see what was going on, she managed to persuade the court to grant all my husband’s request.

— S.P., Tarrant County

Guardianship Process

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Guardianship is an issue that arises when a person is not able to make important decisions for him- or herself, and another must be appointed to do so. Maybe a minor is left without parents, or has an estate that needs to be administered following a family death. Another guardianship scenario occurs when an adult person is incapacitated in some way and needs someone to determine medical and financial decisions.

Guardianship is overseen by the probate court. Establishing guardianship means the state is taking away the rights of one person (the “ward”) and giving them to another person to manage (known as the “guardian”). The ward’s interests are taken very seriously and must be protected, so guardianship is a complex matter that does and should require legal and court oversight. Almost all guardianship issues are required by law to be supervised by the courts. It is crucial to understand your circumstances and all of your options.

Guardianship is often complicated further by the emotional issues that come with struggling over difficult family decisions. A clear-headed and experienced advocate who can keep an eye on the long term needs of the ward is the right person to assist you in defending or defeating a guardianship situation.

Guardianship cases are required to have legal representation, for your protection. Rely on the skill and compassionate guidance of Albin Roach’s own Jeffrey Yates who has extensive experience in issues of estate planning, guardianship, and trust.