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— Rosalind T. Dapar, Family Law Client

Estate Planning

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A Full-Service Estate Planning Practice

Most families need a testamentary plan but either do not realize it or do not want to give it much serious thought. The reality is that neither approach changes the need. In fact, neglecting estate planning will put your loved ones at risk and leave important issues, such as the care of minor children, the distribution of assets and the administration of your estate, in the hands of a judge or court-appointed representative — instead of in your own hands or those of someone you trust.

Albin Roach has a team of attorneys who are experienced in all facets of estate planning and probate law. We tailor our services to meet the needs of clients with straightforward and complex estates alike. Contact estate planning attorneys in Plano, Texas, about your estate goals today.

Creating an Estate Plan

At the basic level of estate planning, our recommended plan is for clients to have a will with an optional contingent trust for minor children, a statutory durable power of attorney, a medical power of attorney, and a physician’s directive (living will) in place. Find out more about wills and trusts.

For estates involving the estate or gift tax threshold amounts, or involving businesses, blended-family situations or other complex factors, the individual needs and our services tend to be more sophisticated.

Beginning with a discussion of your goals and a thorough review and analysis of your assets, our lawyers will help you to evaluate your options and to choose the estate planning tools that are most appropriate for your individual needs and objectives. From there, we can proceed to draft the necessary documents, establish trusts and continue to keep your estate plan up-to-date as either the law or your family’s dynamics evolve.

The Probate Process

Our law firm assists families with the process of estate administration, or probate. We can help to ensure that your loved one’s assets are distributed according to his or her will, that debts are settled, and that other estate planning matters are settled. Find out more about the probate process.

Contact Information

Our team of estate planning professionals is led by Partner Jeffrey Yates. Make arrangements for an initial consultation by calling either of our offices directly or by contacting our firm online.