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Non-Disclosure Agreements

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Advocating for the Rights of Plano and Frisco Employees and Employers

Workers in key positions are generally privy to confidential information, disclosure of which could severely harm the business’s ability to remain competitive and viable. Non-disclosure agreements – also called confidentiality agreements – prohibit workers from sharing confidential and proprietary information about the company. A non-disclosure agreement may also be mutual — such as between an independent contractor and a client — when both parties exchange proprietary data in order to effectively conduct business.

Albin Roach assists Plano and Frisco businesses in drafting solid confidential agreements and, when necessary, hold workers accountable for violations. Our employment lawyers also represent workers who have been wrongfully accused of breaching a non-disclosure contract.

Protecting Business Secrets

Once a secret is revealed, it is no longer a secret and no longer valuable to you. The release of trade secrets can irreparably damage a company. Albin Roach urges you to consider whether you are fully protected by your non-disclosure agreements. We prepare contractual clauses that preserve your company’s secrets, such as:

  • Unique processes, methods, techniques, formulae, recipes and operations
  • Intellectual property, including patent and copyright information
  • Research and development
  • Projects in the pipeline
  • Customer and vendor lists and contact information
  • Price lists and expense sheets
  • Financial matters, including investments and stock portfolios
  • Accounting, including accounts receivables and balance sheets
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Technology, such as computer programs and hardware
  • Internal communications

In addition to drafting an effective non-disclosure contract, our Plano and Frisco employment attorneys can also review your current systems and policies and correct security gaps that could expose your business to harmful disclosure. By incorporating fundamental risk management methods from the beginning, you can avoid costly, time-consuming litigation and the possibility of irreparable damage arising from unintended data disclosure.

Trade Secret Litigation

If your competitor or the general public gains access to classified business information, your business may suffer substantial damage, especially if your business is built around the proprietary information. Tech companies, restaurants, manufacturing, stock trading, pharmaceutical sales and other industries rely on keeping data in-house in order to remain competitive. In some businesses, such as law and medicine, your company may be held liable for release of confidential information about your clients or patients.

Although you cannot restore the secret status of information after its release, you can mitigate damages and recover the losses caused by disclosure of proprietary information. Our lawyers take immediate action that might include:

  • Sending a cease and desist letter to the employee or contractor who wrongfully disclosed the information
  • Obtaining an injunction from the court forbidding the worker from further disclosure of confidential information
  • Seeking injunctive relief against your competitor from acting on proprietary information
  • Filing a lawsuit to recover monetary damages resulting from the unlawful disclosure

Protect Your Business with Solid Non-Disclosure Agreements and Strategic Risk Management Policies

To avoid disclosure of confidential information, consult with Albin Roach about drafting an effective non-disclosure agreement. Call our employment law firm at 214-423-5100 or contact us online to discuss your case with experienced employment lawyers in Plano and Frisco.