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IPR is fortunate to count Albin Roach among its legal partners. Todd Albin is responsive and his advice is direct and timely.   Having successfully defended our company in three different matters, Todd clearly knows his way around the court room with excellent commercial litigation skills. Highly recommended.”

— Andrew Galbreath, General Counsel for IPR Group of Companies

Real Estate Transactions

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Real Estate Transaction Attorneys

Closing the Deal on Plano and Frisco Properties

Albin Roach helps businesses and individuals throughout Plano, Frisco and the North Texas area conduct successful real estate transactions. Our attorneys take a risk mitigation approach to transactions. Because we are highly experienced litigators, we consider how to avoid contention by creating strong contracts that clearly address the often litigated areas or issues and remaining directly involved until you have closed the deal successfully.

Residential Purchase and Sales Transactions

Buying a new home is exciting. From the outset, our attorneys help you avoid problems that would otherwise overshadow the anticipation of transforming a house or a condominium into your family’s home. Our early involvement in the process can avoid issues that may jeopardize your transaction. A Plano real estate transaction attorney can guide you through the following stages of your residential real estate deal:

  • Review or draft the purchase and sale agreement
  • Advise on Escrow and Contract Termination Issues
  • Prepare and review the deed and clear title search
  • Handle notes, assignments, mortgages, security agreements and other financial documents
  • Conduct the real estate closing
  • Manage escrow accounts to ensure the accurate payment at the appropriate time
  • Take decisive action if a dispute arises

Document Drafting, Review & Negotiation

A real estate purchase and sale agreement can ensure you get what you bargained for. This important document establishes vital factors in the purchase or sale of a business or real estate, such as:

  • Description of the property
  • Fixtures included in the sale
  • Price to be paid
  • Terms of payment
  • As-is provisions
  • Liens and title issues
  • Financing and other contingencies
  • Special conditions
  • Dispute resolution clause
  • Venue Provisions
  • Any other “What ifs” from your specific transaction

Our transaction attorneys review contracts for issues that might affect the integrity of your immediate deal or your long-time enjoyment of your property. We ensure the terms are fair and reflective of what you anticipated.

Builder Contract Review & Negotiation

If you are developing property, you have likely made a substantial financial and time investment in the project. Our Plano real estate transaction attorneys help you protect your investment. During the negotiation and drafting phases of your transaction, we incorporate terms that help you avoid disputes involving potential liability, delays, nonpayment, construction defects and other construction-related problems. Because we are also experienced litigators, we see the problems in advance and address in the transaction but if not honored we are prepared and can take quick action if a dispute occurs to not only best position your case for resolution but also litigation should it be necessary as a last resort.

Landlord/Tenant Issues

As a landlord, you have the joint role of protecting the value of your property and earning a profit from your business. Our attorneys help with both real estate and business-related matters, including:

  • Drafting residential leases
  • Negotiating and drafting commercial leasehold agreements
  • Complying with applicable Texas statutes and local ordinances
  • Maintaining property, business and liability insurance policies
  • Handling construction and build-outs on commercial properties
  • Advising on such issues as nonpayment of rents, eviction and collection

Consult With Our Real Estate Transaction Attorneys

Consult with the Frisco and Plano attorneys at Albin Roach to strategize an effective real estate transaction. You can reach our attorneys at 214-423-5100 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.