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Recently, my divorce action was completed and finalized after nearly a year and half of personal hardship and much mental anguish. Your partner, Erin Bogdanowicz expertly handled all aspects from the beginning when she was with another law firm and then after I moved over, with her to your firm.  The uniquely bizarre aspects of the case that dealt more with personalities than martial property and non-existent assets, was handled by Erin with genuine concern for my son & I. Erin throughout the “troubled waters” navigated me through the tough times that dominated the entire process. For this I am grateful.  She maintained the highest level of professionalism and candor during the process and the results were very favorable. There was no downside whatsoever. I thought you would like to know this. Please congratulate Erin on a job well done. Should I ever require the need for representation with any future actions, should they occur; I would not hesitate to call upon Erin.  

— M.C., Denton County

Commercial & Business Transactions

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Commercial & Business Transactions – Plano Business Law Attorney

Helping Build Strong Businesses in Plano and Frisco

Albin Roach is committed to the growth and prosperity of businesses throughout our hometowns of Plano and Frisco. Since our firm engages in both transactional and litigation practices, we consider how our actions during the transactional stage can help you avoid litigation down the road. We recognize that taking simple steps while forming your company or finalizing a deal may reap huge savings in time, money and stress when you hit the inevitable road-bump at some point in the future.

Contract Negotiation and Drafting

The contract is the foundation of any transaction. A strong contract guides both parties in knowing their rights and obligations throughout the life of the business relationship. A well-drafted document can help you avoid disputes and give you the means to remedy problems that arise.

A Plano business law attorney from Albin Roach will strategically negotiate a contract that achieves your business goals. We then draft a contract that clearly reflects the terms of your agreement while understanding the practical applications of your business processes and how it will practically unfold. We cross every “t” and dot every “i” to make sure your company is protected.

Buy/Sell Agreements and Asset Purchase Agreements

You may want to terminate your involvement in a business for a myriad of reasons. Divorce, new investment opportunities or failure to see eye-to-eye with your partner may trigger you to move on. If unprepared for this critical event, you may dispute such issues as buyout price, rights to assets and assumption of debt that can put your financial interests at risk, as well as the viability of the company itself. If you devised an exit strategy including a formula for valuation of interests at the time you formed your business, you and your partners have a clear guide to help make the process easier. A Plano business law attorney can address these issues during the formation phase when cooperation and goodwill are usually at their peak.

Promissory Notes and Security Agreements

Most loans are backed by collateral or a promissory note to guarantee future payment. The promissory note and security instruments are governed by contract law and state and federal regulations related to fair lending practices. Our attorneys protect your interests if you are borrowing money or if the creditor is attempting to collect on your debt. Conversely, we help you recover your rightful compensation if the debtor has violated your agreement.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Dissolutions

Like marriage and divorce, a merger, acquisition or dissolution of a business has its own unique challenges. Having a business transaction attorney with substantial litigation experience on your side from the beginning can help you avoid problems as you:

  • Merge two or more businesses
  • Acquire another company
  • Dissolve your partnership or corporation

Business Succession Planning

Tragic events occasionally occur and often when we least expect it. Establishing a solid succession plan can help you protect your business during moments of unanticipated turbulence, such as the death, illness or divorce of your partner or an officer in your corporation. A successful succession plan usually included in an Operating Agreement or Shareholder Agreement allows you to continue conducting business and preserves your assets from takeover.

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