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I can honestly recommend Erin as THE lawyer to work with. I have worked with attorneys in several areas of law, from corporate to malpractice to family, and I can honestly say Erin is the smartest, the most organized, the most sympathetic and the most aggressive attorney I have ever met. She is extremely easy to talk with, is willing to answer the dumbest of questions with patience and yet is a bulldog in the courtroom. My husband’s custody battle was difficult with an ex that was unreasonable and used the court system to her advantage. Up until we hired Erin, we had spent thousands of dollars and years being taken to court for frivolous reasons with no end to the ridiculousness in sight. Erin was able to, within 18 months, end it. Rather than telling us “how it is”, she listened to what happened previously, the strategies that had been used against us, how the law worked for or against us and what strategy she would recommend. In the most difficult court room, in a court known to favor moms, Erin managed to not only encourage the court to see what was going on, she managed to persuade the court to grant all my husband’s request.

— S.P., Tarrant County

Business Transactions

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Business Transactions – Frisco and Plano Business Law Attorneys

Serving Businesses in the Plano and Frisco Communities

Albin Roach is an established business transaction and litigation law firm that serves clients throughout Plano, Frisco and the North Texas area. Our experience in the courtroom helps us deliver exceptional transactional services to our clients. Many disputes are preventable by taking preemptive steps in the beginning of a business transaction. In addition, by including remedy terms in their contracts, businesses can protect their interests should a dispute arise.

The bottom line is, the earlier you involve your Frisco or Plano business law attorney in the transaction, the more likely you are able to avoid litigation. We invite you to confer with us about the steps necessary to prepare for and complete your transaction smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively. After reviewing your information, documents and/or business plan, we tailor a strategy that suits your particular circumstances and provide a straightforward assessment of the work involved in reaching your goals.

Business Formation and Dissolution

Our team can help you make your business concepts a reality. We assist with setting up the appropriate entity — for example, a corporation, limited liability company, partnership or joint venture — that provides the greatest taxation, liability and organizational benefits. Our attorneys advise on such important matters as regulatory compliance, contracts, insurance policies, dissolution terms and other business formation essentials.

If you have decided to close your business, we guide you through the many steps you need to take to terminate your operations. Our business law attorneys ensure you are treated fairly and that you meet your legal obligations to your partners, stockholders, clients and vendors.

Commercial & Business Transactions

The lawyers from Albin Roach can help you with the numerous transactions involved in starting and running a business. We negotiate and draft contracts, advise on promissory notes and security agreements, organize mergers and acquisitions, develop a clear business succession plan and guide you through the dissolution process. In every case, we weigh the costs with the benefits to your business of each commercial transaction and counsel you accordingly. We believe the additional practical advice that we provide our clients to facilitate the legal advice differentiates our firm.

Construction Transactions

Our attorneys handle the many types of transactions common in the construction industry. Whether you are an owner, developer, engineer, architect, contractor, subcontractor or materials vendor, we can help you protect your business from liability and loss and promote the success of your investment in a construction project through intelligent and thorough drafting with an eye toward the litigation pitfalls we have litigated in the past.

Real Estate Transactions

Our firm represents residents and businesses throughout Frisco, Plano and the North Texas area in real estate transactions. Our attorneys can help you with contract reviews, financing documents, escrow matters and preparations. At each stage of the process, we work diligently to protect your interests and investment.

General Counsel Advice

Albin Roach does not just provide legal advice. We learn and understand your business so that we can then act as your advisor and counselor in all areas and offer the type of services received generally from in-house counsel. We focus on our long-term client-attorney relationship with your business and consider how our advice supports both your immediate needs and long-range objectives. With our experienced team onboard, you do not have to hesitate about calling us with simple questions. On the contrary, we encourage you to reach out to us immediately because sometimes a minor action now can save you substantial money in the future. The opportunity to be involved in the process early allows us to advise you how to avoid the major and more expensive processes later. In the end, we care about the success of your business as a reflection on our participation.

Consult With Our Team About Conducting Texas Business Transactions

Consult Albin Roach at 214-423-5100 or online for our assistance with your business transactions in Plano, Frisco and the North Texas area.